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Enabling Monitoring



Fairly basic question I guess. I am adding nodes and deciding what to monitor in List resources. Can anyone tell me what teh following actually monitors. There seems to be little documentation that actually specifies this:


Hardware Health sensors (I get this pretty much!)

Routing - routing table and ospf neighbours

CPU and Memory -  fairly self explanatory!

Status and response time


Topology Layer 2

Topology Layer 3


I don't really want to monitor anything more than is necessary. If I could understand a bit more, especially in regard to Routing, EnergyWise and Topology I would be grateful.

With thanks,

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Level 12

- Status: Is the node up/down (can Orion ping it w/icmp or poll via SNMP)
I have a bit of trouble with this SNMP option here done NOT report that the device is up or down.  You would think so but it does not.  Recently I had several device that stop responding to and where not collecting data (because snmp stopped responding).  You would think the devices would show as down but NO.  Because they responded to ping they were up and active with no problems.  This is a HUGE gotcha!  Check THWACK post for SNMP not 
responding.  I had to create an alert to trigger if there was no snmp update. 

Ping is all that is used for up/down

Again HUGE gotcha!

EnergyWise was Cisco attempt to control power (POE) before VoIP phones but which the advent of VoIP phones using POE this feature became useless.  Unless your switch/routers are setup for to use EnergyWise do not bother with it, as it is polling for nothing.


Is correct, from my understanding, with his Layer 2 and Layer 3 definitions.

In short do not select EnergyWise, it is very likely your are not using it.

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Status and response time
- Status: Is the node up/down (can Orion ping it w/icmp or poll via SNMP)
- Response time: The average RTT (round-trip-time) of icmp/ping to this node

- The community can keep me honest but I *think* this is either power consumption data, or energy saving data on a Cisco switch.. not 100% sure.

Topology Layer 2
- Layer 2 topology data e.g. data link like vlan, macs, etc... What's connected to the node via layer 2

Topology Layer 3
- Layer 3 topology data e.g network like ip, arp, routing neighbors via ospf, bgp, rip etc... What's connected via layer 3

Hope this help, take care!