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Level 8

Email alert when node is added


I would like to configure NPM to send out an email alert when a new node is added. I have configured Alert Manager with a new alert, and have set Trigger Condition to: "Action Type is equal to Node added". I think that's right, but I'm not sure about the Reset Condition. I can't get it to email when I leave reset condition at "Reset when trigger conditions are no longer true" and I'm not sure what to set it to if I change Reset Condition to "specified conditions".

Ideas? Ideally, I would like it to send the email but not show up as an active alert on the NPM page.

I'm using Orion Platform 2014.1.0, NCM 7.2.2, NPM 10.7, IVIM 1.9.0


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Level 8

Thanks for the help all. I've made a little progress in that the alert fires now and I get an email, however it is still not clearing. Once I add a test node for example, I get the email notification, but the alert also appears under "All Triggered Alerts" on my NPM home screen and won't disappear unless I disable the alert. Anyone know of a way to clear it immediately after the email is sent? I'm not sure if resetting the alert is the same as clearing it.

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I don't always test my alerts in production.

But when I do, I make sure to always acknowledge my alerts.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Level 17

Make sure your type of Property to Monitor is 'AUDIT EVENTS' if you are trying to set up an alert with Advanced Alerts!

For a Delete Node Alert, I did not change the reset to anything specific. And it has worked a few times without any actual reset.

*And if an alert can only trigger once without being reset, what happens when multiple interfaces go down... and you get an alert for each. Because that is the same alert for each separate interface. So several alert trigger's with no reset? It can happen....

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Mr Adato is right about your triggering logic.

When faced with the same issue I quit my job and became a hermit decided to use a daily report instead. Web based reports are working great to pull me daily event log scheduled to email me every am .

Level 18

Because a "node added" never reverses, you will likely trigger the alert once and it will never trigger again.

What you probably want to do is have a reset that is always true, so that the alert always resets and you get a new alert at the next "Node Added" event. You can do it with adding a complex condition of "value 1 is equal to value 1".

Test it to make sure you don't keep triggering the same alert for the same node, but that's my best guess on how to proceed.

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