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Edit Resource: All Nodes - Filtering Question

Can someone direct me to where I can find out more information on node filtering in the attached screen shot?  I am working on an RDS dashboard and am trying to figure out a way to list the RDS servers we have.  I did create custom properties for the different RDS groups in hoping that would make this easier but I am really a novice when it comes to the SWQL and/or SQL query searches.  Thanks! -Dave

SQL Filtering.gif

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Level 15

here is what I use to filter out nodes. 

Caption Not Like 'ss2-*'

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Level 12

Not sure but I think that you filter is wrong

you seem to have Caption Like %RDS%

I think you are missing the quotes you may need single quotes

Caption Like '%RDS%'  Also not sure about you wide card I would try *

Hope this helps


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