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Eaton UPS Devices

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I'm new to SolarWinds and have NPM.   In our network, we have several Eaton UPS devices.  Does anyone have a network poller for these devices or have anyone developed one?  I saw a nice poller for th eAPC products, but would like to get information on the devices, such as when they are on battery power, how much is remaining, etc.

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dstrempek​ Please don't forget to mark your question as Answered.

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Did you download and try the ones from the NPM Content Exchange on this site (Thwack)?  I seem to remember using them before and found them adequate.  I feel like I had to tweak and add to them a bit, but that they were a good starting spot.  If you don't see a poller you want just duplicate one of the Eaton pollers and then edit it.  When you browse the MIB tree inside of the UnDP app while editing an existing poller it will take you to the part of the SNMP tree where the Eaton pollers are, so it definitely saves some time.

I just went to the NPM Content Exchange, clicked "Universal Device Pollers" on the left-hand side, then typed Eaton into the search box.  Here:

Network Performance Monitor

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Ping me next Wed. I am vacation until then. I'll have something for you