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What data exactly am I seeing on this report? What first alerted me to this was that I had an interface with a large number of errors that was top of my Top 10 Errors and Discards list. I wen on to the device and cleared the counters, upon viewing the Top 10 errors errors window again I saw that the offending interface was still present in the window. I checked again 20 minutes later (and our NPM web console page is et to refresh every 5 min) and the offending interface was still present?!

In the end I needed to rediscover the interface for it to be removed from the list. This is worrying because I am concerned about the validity of the info in this window now. Yesterday before I left work I logged on to a device that was present on the list and cleared the counters on that too. When I came in this morning and checked the Errors window the device was still present although in a different position on the list with a different number of errors so this suggests it is working properly but I cant really see the errors increasing as the day goes on. What I need to know though is this: Is the top 10 Errors and Discards window displaying live data from this very day or am I viewing data from yesterday's 24hr period  and does this "today" chart update itself through out the day or does it just give data from a 24hr period? Sorry I can't validate any of this as I am unsure as to whether my window is updating properly. Thanks!!

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NPM reports the numbers found when it queries the SNMP agent on a device. Discarded traffic, whether it is intentional or not, is recorded by the following MIBS: ifInDiscard, ifOutDiscard, ifInErrors, ifOutErrors. Since these MIBs are Counters that Increment, our application will take an Initial poll and record this number in the Service which is not stored into the Database, then on the Next poll it will take the delta between the newest poll minus the last poll and record the information into the InterfaceErrors_Detail Table.

If you do not wish to monitor Errors and Discard, go into Manage Nodes, select the Node and select List Resources. Under Each Interface you can uncheck Interface Error Statistics, or you can go under the Top XX Errors & Discards, select Edit and enter in Vendor <> 'Cisco'

NPM is designed to report all data for Networking teams to see at a glance all Network related issues at a glance to help see and know what device or where in the network that that there are potential issues. Packets denied through firewalls such as an ASA will increment on the Discards columns, and Cisco APs report data transmission issues on Discards as well. Physical line issues will be shown in the Errors column.

You will need to contact your Device’s Vendor to understand what the Errors or Discards are, since Vendors represent Discarded Packets differently. Here is a paper from Cisco about their Discards:

If you are seeing a lot of Discards or Errors from a Cisco Device, here is a document on how to Troubleshoot Switch Port and Interface Problems