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Level 9

E-mail when alert acknowledged

I've seen a couple of topics asking about this, but no one responded.  Has anyone been able to have Orion send an e-mail when an alert is acknowledged?  Basically, I want Orion to send an e-mail to the ticketing system once an alert has been acknowledged.  Let me know if you want more details.  Thanks.

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Level 7

When I go to "Custom SQL Alert" Select NODE" and then add the SQL "join statement" I am given this error:


Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

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It would be wonderful if an email can be sent what an Alert is Acknowledged that contains Who Acknowledged it and what was written to the Acknowledgment Text Box.

Can 10.3 do this?

Here is what I have to send who acknowledged, but it's not perfect.

${SQL: select top 1 alertname from alertdefinitions where alertdefid in (select alertdefid from alertstatus where activeobject = ${nodeid} and ObjectType = 'Node' order by AcknowledgedTime desc} on ${Nodes.caption} was Acknowledged By: ${SQL: Select top 1 acknowledgedby from alertstatus where activeobject = ${nodeid}and ObjectType = 'Node' order by AcknowledgedTime desc} at ${SQL: Select top 1 acknowledgedtime from alertstatus where activeobject = ${nodeid}and ObjectType = 'Node' order by AcknowledgedTime desc}

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Is there a way to add the text from the acknowledgment box to the email?

We were thinking it would be great for the person on-call to use the Ack Text to describe the initial response to the issue.  Others could use this email to prepare to support the on-call person and/or know that the problem is being worked.

Please click on the link below to vote on this feature.

Thank you,


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Ah, I didn't copy my whole email... here is the part with the acknowledgment notes:


${SQL: Select top 1 substring(notes,16,200) from alertstatus where activeobject = ${nodeid}and ObjectType = 'Node' order by AcknowledgedTime desc}

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There is a feature request here that you can vote on for this feature.

I to am trying to get this to work and can't understand why they wouldn't have something like this implemented already? I've implemented the SQL statement as was suggested in the posting here but cannot get it to trigger? Does anyone have any suggestions? The query does check out, it just never fires...

Level 7

The suggested SQL statement to dertermine if an alert has been acknowlegde works for creating a trigger condition, but when the trigger action of sending an email is excuted with the variable ${Acknowledged} it returns "Not Acknowledge" when the alert has been acknowledged either using the web console, a URL in an email, or directly using the "Alert Manger - Active Alerts".  Why would this variable be set incorrectly and is there a custom SQL statement that could be embeded in the body of the message to be sent?

Here is the body of the message to be sent; The  ${Acknowledged} status is incorrect and ${AcknowledgedBy} is not even displayed.

User: ${SQL:Select AcknowledgedBy from AlertStatus where ObjectName = '${Caption}'}

Time: ${AcknowledgedTime}

Alert: ${AlertName}

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Because the ${Acknowledged}, ${AcknowledgedBy}, etc are for the alert that is firing.  This is actually two alerts, one for the original issue, then a new alert when it was acknowledged (that's one of the reasons I said it's not very pretty).

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Level 8

I know this is a pretty old thread, but I'm wondering if this functionality has been added in any of the newer versions, or if a custom SQL script is still needed.  It would be very nice for my team to be able to get an email when an alert is acknowledged rather than having to log in to Orion only to see that an alert was acknowledged 3 hours ago.

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you could create a seperate custom SQL alert that will create a new alert and can send an email.

Add this as the condition for a custom SQL node alert (you'd need to change Nodes.Caption to Interfaces.Caption for interface, etc)

    inner join AlertStatus on Nodes.Caption = AlertStatus.ObjectName
  where AlertStatus.Acknowledged <> 0


Not as clean as one SW could make, but it could get you by for now.

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Has this still not been addressed? Is the custom SQL still the only way to get anything like this?

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Hi netlogix,


while I anticipate the added functionality of an email to show that an alert has been acknowledged, please could you forgive me for being a n00b and tell me how i would go about adding the SQL alert?


Thank you

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Open Alert Manager on Server - New Alert - Change type in trigger condition to "Custom SQL Alert"

Put in the SQL statement I put in before.

  In your notification email, you could include ${SQL:Select AcknowledgedBy from AlertStatus where ObjectName = '${Caption}'} to get who acknowledged it.

Is this what you needed?

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Hi netlogix,


That is great that you so much. 

Just another quick question:

I added the the additional line to the email alert to see who has acknowledged it however i get the below error in  my email:


MACRO SQL ERROR - Unclosed quotation mark after the character string 'EH2-1'.
Incorrect syntax near 'EH2-1'.'


Also, for me, ${Caption} does not exist 😞

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at this moment it's not possible without code change.

But you can create trigger in DB for Acknowledged column in AlertStatus table and then send email from MS SQL:

It’s not clear, but it should works without touching the code.

Warning: This solution could have some database performance impact.

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Thanks.  I would definitely like to see this as a feature in Orion - but I've already made that post in the feature request area. 

We've started the long process of migrating off our old monitoring system, which is taking precedence over this particular sub-project.  As soon as time permits, I will look into this solution.  Thanks again for responding with a work-around.