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Level 9

Duplicate nodes displayed under Manage Nodes

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with duplicate nodes showing in the Manage Nodes view.  I have that issue and believe it is caused by duplicate community strings:

Some community strings are being duplicated for some reason.  

My question is has anyone seen this and has the removal of the duplicate community string had an adverse affect on anything;  such as losing a nodes interfaces, or database corruption.  I'm preparing to delete the duplicate strings, but am concerned that I'll have to rediscover numerous nodes interfaces, etc.   

I appreciate any info provided.


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Level 13

I've seen duplicated nodes only when node (server) had multiple NICs with different static IPs or with some DHCP IPs.  It looks as a result of some failure (or database corruption). Be careful when fixing or removal duplicated to keep relevance NodeIDs with other IDs in DB.

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