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Duplicate and Orphaned Volumes on Windows Systems

Running 2019.04 but this is something I have noticed for a long time in the platform. I'm a long time user but dip in and out a lot. A fair deal of my systems show duplicate volumes as follows



The C: instance with 0 bytes and the 😧 drive simply do not exist. I have to run List resources against the system to select the real C: drive but thereafter I have two!

These systems are generally agent monitored. I'm wondering what causes this condition ? I can detect it with some custom SQL but I wish to avoid it. Might extending the C: drive cause this (why?!!!) 🤔


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We see this in a couple of situations:

1. A physical drive has been replaced. The new drive has a different serial number, so if the node is rediscovered, Solarwinds treats the replacement drive as a new volume.

2. A virtual disk is restored, expanded, or shrunk. If this is done by migrating to a new virtual disk and then reassigning the drive letter, the serial number of the virtual disk changes and Solarwinds treats the replacement drive as a new volume. 

Either way, the only fix is to confirm that the volume has actually been replaced, then delete the one doesn't match the current serial number.

Hi, all virtual machines in my case. Only change I can see is that the VM disk was extended (while VM is online) and then in guest volume is extended. 

That's something we do a lot too. If that's the case I'm going to hope that there's a way to make it so that self-cleans somehow

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