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Downed Switch in Switch Stack Disappeared/Was Removed

This weekend we had a switch (one out of five) fail on a Cisco 37xx switch.  When I tried to go gather the serial number on it so it could be sent to our network team, Solarwinds was only showing four switches in the stack.  When I dug further, I saw in the events that the switch stack lost a member. I tried to drill into that event to see if it still had the switch stack member's info, but couldn't find  Is there anyway to stop Solarwinds from automatically taking a switch out of the stack when it goes down or find information on the member that was removed?

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If your NPM / NCM was doing configuration and inventory management, the information should still be present--especially in the startup-configuration or running-configuration, and in the stack inventory.

I've seen stack members fail for various reasons--especially old ones like 3750's, but also 3850's, 2960's, and 9300's.  Solarwinds has always kept the data about serial numbers present in its logs for Inventory or configuration management, as well as the full running & startup configs for restoring the system when a failed unit comes back online or is replaced.

I don't like to say "keep digging", but the data should be there if you have jobs scheduled to regularly retrieve it.  

If you go to Reports and search for "inventory", you'll probably come up with a canned report for ALL your nodes, or perhaps just the Cisco Inventory report.  Either one should have everything you need for serial numbers.

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