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Down nodes that have never been contacted

We are in the midst of migrating from various other platforms to NPM.

I've done an import of nodes and everything is working.

On the one instance that monitors our customer CPE devices, I'm looking to do some clean up of the import. Is their a way with an SWQL or SQL query to get a list of nodes that have NEVER been up and NEVER been contacted?

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Try to create a report with filter condition: Node > Last Boot > is empty This should probably do the trick

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Sorry I forgot to mention the nodes are ICMP only.

I ran the report and picked at random a few and while Last Boot is empty, the node is indeed up.

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Yep, that's true, for ICMP nodes this will be blank. Hmmm.... As far as I can see there is no indication in Nodes table for ICMP nodes to say if they have ever been ping-able. You may need to create your trigger with Events instead.

I would probably take SQL approach by selecting down/unknown nodes from NODES table and then searching EVENTS table and excluding any nodes which had an event "node is up" in the past. Let me know if you need help with SQL

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