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Level 7

Does anyone else think Orion support stinks?

For the tickets I have had open, it seems like they either get forgotten or not really addressed.  I have been waiting over a week now for a license reset.  I got exasperated at one point and emailed a previous support rep that did contact me.  He said that the licenses were reset, and when I checked, they weren't.  Now I can't get in touch with him, and have been on hold forever waiting to talk to a live person on the phone.

I wish I could say that this was unusual, but it isn't.  All of our issues have been next to impossible to get rapid attention.  This is sad, because on whole, I would say that I like Orion and solarwinds, but the support is quite lacking from my experience.

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Level 7

I think the biggest problem with SolarWinds support is that there isn't a central knowledge base.  I have gotten various answers to the same question multiple times.  The thing that really pisses me off is when they guess!!  Also, some reps don't even read your question, they give some canned answer that has nothing to do with the issue.  Similar threads have been posted about support, so I won't rant and rave again in this one. 

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This thread was about
Licensing Issues. Diagnosing an issue is just that, an exercise in diagnostics.
Trial and error is the name of the game here, so expect to wander down some paths
that end up being dead ends. Effective tech support personnel are able to
quickly pare down the list of possible causes to a problem, and (hopefully) then
systematically eliminate the rest until they arrive at the culprit. Just know
that the phone call/ticket may not be a quick one to resolve or necessarily be
resolved from a central static KB. A number of cases the techs will need to address
variables in other instances, such as, situation/environment that may be
impacting the issue.

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I guess I should clarify myself.  This isn't the typical "try this" troubleshooting.  This is when they make up solutions .  Once I had a duplicate NodeID error, so they had me change all my alerts to have the condition "field Node ID is equal to field Node ID".  I have had so many incidents like that where they have me go do something silly like this, and I can't get any additional support until I perform that step.  Some of the support staff have quite a toolbox of stall tactics.  There are a couple of engineers who don't BS their way through tickets.  If I could request these guys, I wouldn't have as many issues with support. 

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I'm gonna have to agree - I've had several (basic) cases with response times of several weeks.

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Level 10

Yes, some of the support does SUCK but then again some of it is really good.

 The licensing is terrible I am waiting on help getting my license working for LanSurveyor Solarwinds ticket # 41901 and have not heard anything back other then here is your username and password to login into the customer site and I have already done that and that is where I am having problems since the S/N I have on Lansurveyor comes up and incorect.

I have had really good support on the database and advance alert monitoring even though it did take a few days for support to go through my log files and find the problems I was having but they did stay with me on the phone and webex session until the issue was resolved. So it all depends on what the issue you are having with Solarwinds that detirmins what type of support that you get.

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Level 17

 I'm sorry to hear your about frustration in getting a license reset. To clarify, license resets are done through customer service and not tech support. For best results you can email them directly at for license resets or if you have maintenance issues you can email If you are having particular issue with technical support please post your case number here and I can get a status update for you. There is also a new License manager available that helps with unlocking licenses that can be downloaded from the customer portal.

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The part I don't understand is why do I basically have 2 different support mechanisms for Orion? I called in  for several problems and have to hang up and call Customer Support to reset the license. You need to have all support options at the same call. My average time to get into Customer Support the last several days has been 30 minutes with one as high as 45 minutes

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 Perhaps we need to work on the messaging regarding license resets. There is no need to call customer service with these requests if you download the free license manager from your customer portal. This gives one the ability to park/move your licenses.


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