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Level 8

Does NPM can monitor fan status and temperature for Fortigate Firewall 200B-BDL

Hi all, may i know that NPM can monitor fan status and temperature of the firewall FB 200B-BDL from Fortinet??

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If you have the Engineers Toolset, use the MIB browser or MIB Walk apps to do a live lookup on the Fortigate to determine the full list of available metrics within the HWSensor section of the FG MIB. As previously pointed out this MIB area is not fully structured in the same way as the Cisco environmental MIB for example, which has a specific OID heirachy for fans, temp etc., instead it is just in a single table.

Therefore what you are essentially looking for is the Index value for the data points, which will be your GET request OID for that data point i.e. Fan Status

If you are running v10.2 of Orion NPM, there is a nice addition of a MIB Walk tool, which can be found in the C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion folder.

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Level 12

Fortinet is listed in the SNMP Browser in Engineer's Toolset, and appears in the UnDP on my NPM server, so it should do.

What you need to do is find the relevant SNMP OIDs to monitor. They're somewhere under The following may be a good place to start:

Access: Not-Accessible
Type: Unknown
An entry containing the name , value , and alarm status of a given hardware sensor

You want to do yourself an SNMP walk of that table to see if it has exactly what you're after. I don't have any Fortinet devices, so I can't confirm this covers what you're after.

You may also want to search the Content Exchange bit of thwack to see if someone else has already done something for Fortinet that covers what you're looking for!

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Level 8

But i had try to search all the available MIB file in Orion NPM, none of the description mention about monitor the temperature for Fortigate Firewall. Anyway thanks for you help

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Level 12

The OID I referenced is a table. It will contain many different sensors. I suspect the reason it is a table is because different devices will have different sensors. Therefore it will not explicitly mention specific sensors - instead you will probably see a name that tells you what the sensor is in one column of the table.

If you want confirmation of this, I would suggest talking to the vendor to get exact OIDs of interest. But at the end of the day, if SNMP will report it, SolarWinds will be able to monitor it!

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