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Level 9

Displaying Multiple UNDP Values/Statuses with 'Nice Names'

I've tried searching through the forums and Google and I'm having a hard time locating anything which references or discusses what I'm attempting to do. So, I thought I would bring it here and see what response it might generate.

I've only recently begun working with Universal Device Pollers (UnDP) and I've got my first device type (APC Metered PDUs) the way I want them (Custom Page view, gauges / linear displays, charts, pollers, etc.).

The thing I haven't been able to figure out, so far, is how to take the data (or a portion of it) from the "Universal Device Poller Status" Resource and give it a 'Nice Name', Header Columns, etc.

For Example, I have the following:

Universal Device Poller Status


rPDUIdentModelNumber, AP8841, XXX

rPDUIdentName, 2APCPDU-01, XX

rPDULoadStatusLoad1, 8.6, XX

rPDULoadStatusLoad2, 3.8, XX

rPDULoadStatusLoad3, 4.8, XX

(Sorry for the text snippet, my network is physically separated from the internet and I can't transfer down the data.)

Anyhow, I would like to take this Resource, Universal Device Poller Status, and either modify it or add the appropriate resource necessary to display the information similar to what follows:




Model, AP8841, XX

Device Name, 2APCPDU-01, XX

Overall Load, 8.6 Amps, XX

Bank 1 Load, 3.8 Amps, XX

Bank 2 Load, 4.8 Amps, xx

Any advice or suggestions/recommendations in how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, very much!

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Level 17

Which version of NPM? It *should* be a straightforward task for a "Custom Table" resource. Simply click on the customize page link and add  a Custom Table resource.

For fancier reporting on custom pollers, see the detailed instructions I posted earlier

Combine two UDPs on a line in a report

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Level 9

HolyGuacamole: We're running NPM 11. When I use the Custom Table resource, I get the option to add all sorts of information. However, I don't see the Custom Poller information (pollers and values) listed. I'll try and find this in the documentation and see what I'm missing.

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Level 17

When I add a Custom Table resource to a Summary View, you go get options to add Custom poller information. You get the same options for a Custom Table resource in a Node Details view as well, but oddly only when the data source is NOT set to the default 'Use current network object as Data Source' (bug?)


So, not a straightforward task for Custom Table afterall 😞

The best solution I could come up with is to leverage the Description field of your custom poller


which can be added to a custom table resource


Level 9

This is an old post but I happen to come across it today working with the same issue. It does appear with the new version of NPM you are able to create the custom table using the current network object and then change it from node to custom poller to get the desired output.

Level 9

HolyGuacamole : Thank you kindly for taking the time to dive this deep into my inquiry! I will have to play with this information and identify what works best in our situation. Your help is very appreciated!

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Level 9

Actually, it looks like this may be my best answer unless someone has a better recommendation:

Re: Customizing the UnDP Summary Chart Bubble

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