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Discrepancy in results between older NPM version and 10.4

I have an older version of NPM running where someone set up a useful chart that I'm trying to recreate in our new NPM 10.4 server.  I recreated the universal device poller on the new server.  In this case it is to monitor the current number of connections per server in a pool on the BigIP F5 load balancer.  I matched everything up side by side regarding the poller itself.  When I look at the universal device poller summary chart on each server, I get different results.  On the new NPM chart, none of the servers have more than 3 connections, on the old chart, which is accurate, they're anywhere from 6-15.  The time periods are the same.  The polling rate is the same.  The chart sample interval is the same.  It is not a difference in scale either, meaning one isn't 10x more than the other.  I've tried every other type of universal polling chart available to see if I get different results but it is consistently wrong, although I did find a legacy chart that matched the old chart type so I could be sure every setting matched, but the results are wrong.

The older NPM server version is labeled as 2010.1.0.

Anyone have any ideas?


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