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Discovery import failed (to import new nodes) because the max number of licenses has been exceeded

Hey everyone,

I am trying to find a solution to this problem. Essentially, we have a network discovery to pull in new nodes from an AD container. Let's say, for example, that we have 200 nodes (out of a 250 node license) in NPM that were discovered from the container "servers", and 5 more servers were just added. The network discovery should run based on its schedule and automatically import those 5 new servers.

When the discovery import is ran, it gives me the message "Discovery import failed because the maximum number of licenses has been exceeded." The problem is that this isn't really true. We are only truly using 5 more licenses (200 + 5 = 205). It seems to be counting those 200 existing nodes as new licenses - even though they are already being monitored.

Is this a bug or is there a box that I am forgetting to check somewhere? I did find the option to add nodes to a discovery ignore list, but I thought that this was for servers that you wanted to ignore, and not ones that are already being monitored? When I did that, the automatic import does work, but this seems like a roundabout way to accomplish what should be a simple automatic import. Why doesn't it recognize that it is already monitoring the other 200 nodes?



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Which version are you using? 



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I would suggest you to check the Settings- All settings - License details (Under details sections)

Check the value of the nodes monitored under the Orion section. If the number shows 200 than you can raise a support ticket regarding this concern.

However as a temporary workaround i would suggest you to add these nodes manually and see if it is successfully imported.

Settings-Manage Nodes- Add nodes 

All the best

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Thanks. I can definitely add more nodes manually. I will probably double check with support that it is indeed a bug.

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It's a bug. Same thing happens with any module. From what I can tell it's not checking the import against existing nodes until the next step in the discovery import process.

Hoped 2020.2.1 would fix it but sadly not yet patched.