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Discovery Job to Ensure "Topology: Layer 2" is Polling

Does network discovery select 'Topology: Layer 2'? I am trying to come up with a way to make sure all added devices remain compliant and poll for topology

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Hey dsjaoui​.

Sorry for the delay on this one, it's been pretty manic for me of late! Right, I managed to get my lab up and running, and ran a discovery against a virtualised router. When all was said and done, and the node was automatically imported, I checked the resources that were added as part of the discovery:


From this, it appears that the Topology resources are indeed added during a discovery, so you should be good to go

- Jez Marsh
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Hey dsjaoui​.

I'm labbing this up for you now, so I can give you a definitive answer later (using NPM 12.0.1 with Hotfix 1), however i don't believe the discovery wizard adds in any specific additional resources beyond the basics. In the past, I've had to go behind my discovery jobs and ensure that all the resources I need have been added, when automatically importing nodes. I don't think NPM 12.x has fixed this, since the discovery wizard cannot assume that all kit will support the topology pollers.

It automatically enables global pollers (availability via ICMP, for instance), but the rest you have to specify after the fact.

I'll update this post once I've got my VMware  / GNS3 lab working, so I can run a discovery against an emulated router for you, I'm not at a location where I can work on real kit today

- Jez Marsh
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