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Discovering Cisco ASR 9006 Interfaces


I am trying to discover a Cisco ASR 9006 router via Network Sonar discoery but NPM only sees the CPU/ Memory and Layer 3 topology information, no interfaces.

Is this device type fully supported? Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

Running NPM version 10.5.

Cisco ASR IOS 4.2

Thanks in advance.


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Level 8

Ive been unable to get ASR 9ks working in NPM properly at all. CBQOS isn't working, it doesn't report correct throughput in interfaces half the time, memory and CPU readings are wrong... Looks like these devices just aren't supported.

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Not a Cisco shop until now we use alot of Juniper

Those 11 ASR 9001 and 9006 "behave quite normally"

They run "Cisco IOS XR Software  4.3.1" and "Cisco IOS XR Version 4.3.4"

Funny that before we got those  ASR9K  I was sure that "everything" is working 100% when you monitor  cisco  in  NPM.

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Level 17

Would it be possible to send me a SNMPWalk of that device? SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: SolarWinds SNMP Walk: A new tool for collecting SNMP MIB walks


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I have something of the same issue. I can discover the interfaces but I can't get the correct bandwidth usage for the 10GB interfaces. We have 5 of these routers and they all have the same issue.

I opened a ticket and they told me to select the custom bandwidth for the interfaces. This hasn't helped on these routers.

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‌Hi Marc

I have some asr9006 and asr9001 have other problem with them but not that type..

on what Npm you are and what IOS?

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We are on the latest version 11.5 and the IOS is Cisco IOS XR Software (Cisco ASR9K Series),  Version 4.3.2[Defa​ult]

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I am having the same issue with the same router

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