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Did anyone upgrade Solarwinds NPM to 2020.2?

 Hi All,

I am in the process of  planning  upgrade for 2019.4 (NPM,NCM ,NTA & ITAM) in 2 weeks of time and meanwhile 2020.2 is released. Did anyone upgraded to 2020.2. Would like to hear some feedback on upgrade experience , system stability post upgrade which will help us to plan for 2020.2 instead of 2019.4




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My team recently upgraded two instances to 2020.2.  One instance went off without a hitch.  The other instance ran into trouble in that some alerts wouldn't fire or clear from the active alerts list when the trigger condition went away.

Recreating the alerts fixed the issue, though old alerts still had to be manually cleared.  I chose to rename and disable the old alerts and then duplicate them with the correct name.  The only side effect that I found from this method was that it duplicated all of the alert actions as well which I later had to go in and clean up.  All in all, it wasn't that big of a deal for my particular scenario.

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Just upgraded the lab instance to 2020.2.

Can't speak to the stability yet, but OrionMaps appears to be struggling. Can't add a device to a map as far as I can tell.

***Edit, doesn't look like it's just map issues for me" upgrade appears to have bricked my install. Looks like we'll be holding off upgrading for a good while. We just got 2019.4 running semi-ok.




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I upgraded my lab environment yesterday and so everything is running fine. The only snag was we have another product that installs NPCAP so you need to remove it prior to the install or the installer will hang. That also existed in 2019.4 so we were aware of it when it happened.
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Upgraded from 2019.4 to 2020.2 the week it released.  So far everything has been great.  No issues with the upgrade.

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Not sure if you've already performed the upgrade. One thing I found that I didn't see documented is that there is a requirement of Powershell v5 otherwise some of the upgrade scripts will fail.

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