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Level 7

Device availability issue and no alert related with device

Hello Thwackers

There is one issue, on 5th feb 8;30 AM CST  device went down according to user and but not received any node down alert. when checked there was a Gap in availability chart which shows there was an issue in device. but when checked the response time and packet loss there was some latency around 533 ms but no packet loss. i'm confuse if there was issue with the availability and IP was not reachable to SolarWinds then it should have trigger the node down alert. i have attached some snapshots for reference. kindly help .

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Is the device part of a parent-child dependency relationship?

If the node was down, you should have received an alert (and by looking at the lack of availability, you should have received an email). But if it's part of a dependency, then the parent device would have triggered the node down alert, but not the child device.

Level 16

do u see not responding events under 'events tab' for this device having issue?

Were there any communication issue observed for this device, u can catch this also via an alert...

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