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Level 13

Deployment Health shows no test

Hi all

On "My Orion Deployment" page "Deployment health" you are supposed to see alot of test to see Orion is working nice and smooth. But on this installation there is no tests at all. No its not the classic issue that the PAGE is not shown. The issue is that there are no tests.



Tried to check some log-files. Looked at AdministrationService.log and found these lines:

"WARN (null) SolarWinds.Orion.HealthPage.WebApi.Controllers.ActiveDiagnosticsController - No tests were discovered on server SRVxxxx"

It does not find any tests?!?! Where should they be? Who stole them and how can I get them back??

A virtual beer to the one who finds them!! 😉

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Product Manager
Product Manager

I haven't seen this behavior before and I'm not finding anything definitive from that specific error message. Do you have HA and/or APEs? You could try restart the SWA service on those member servers.

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Single server with separate SQL. Only NPM 2020.2.1 HF2.

Administration service, yes already restarted that one a few times 😉

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