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Dell Warranty Information


Has anyone done anything with Dell information in NPM?  I currently use a mib to get service tag from the server but i then want something to get the expire date from the dell website and add this to NPM.  I found this but it's for spiceworks

I know i could manually enter the information but was hoping for something automated.


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This is an old post, but I have a similar need. My Solarwinds NPM polling was not retrieving the Service Tag as the serial number, but instead a long different value.


What I did was this:

I had a spreadsheet with all the Service Tags of my DELL switches. Just 2 columns - Switch Name and Service Tag

I created a custom property named DELL_Service_Tag and imported the value from the spreadsheet.

Matched the column Switch Name to Node Name and imported Column Service Tag to DELL_Service_Tag custom property.

The Custom Property displays correctly

DELL ST_Custom prop.JPG

I only have ~ 30 DELL nodes, so this was a relatively easy process. If I had > 100 then it may have been painful.

I wish Solarwinds would be able to read DELL Service Tags such that EoL\EoS dates can be automatically populated.

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I found this which i can get the information into csv file:

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Were you able to locate the OID for what you wanted to poll?


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