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Dell Hardware - WMI - Monitor Physical Drive Status?

Good morning all,

Unfortunately I am not a Solarwinds expert, however I'm slowly trying to learn whatever I'm able to. One of my colleagues had pointed out that he wanted to be able to be notified if a hard drive were to fail in the server. Our shop is primarily Dell servers, mostly Windows with some VMware stuff.

I have been poking around and have gotten bits and pieces of information on how I may or may not be able to do this. Presently for the majority we are scanning devices using WMI instead of SNMP. Is it possible to view the hard drive status using WMI? I currently have a machine with a bad hard drive that I've been using as a test. I do have Dell OpenManage installed on this device, however it is not the latest version as later versions had crashed (Server 2012). Hardware Resources is checked when looking for polling, but physical drives are not listed (only volumes). 

I have the following questions:

  1. I have been pointed in the direction of UnDP / MIB / OIDs. Is this only applicable using SNMP?
  2. Traps - Something I know very little about. Is it possible to specifically alert based on a trap message received by the Solarwinds server?


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Hard drives status are not available via WMI integration ( As a workaround, you could configure your iDRAC (and I believe OMSA as well...) to write OS system events in Windows Event Logs. Once that is done, you can have a SAM Event Log monitor to check for those events:

Really not ideal scenario, but if you are stuck at using WMI, that could do the trick. 



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Planglois, if switching to SNMP gives us more functionality then I'm willing to do it. I was under the impression that SNMP gives us less and is antiquated, meaning the change to WMI would've given us more.
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Do you have an iDRAC on that server? Technically you can do both, poll the OS via WMI, and the iDRAC via SNMP.

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