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Level 7

Default poller?

So this is awkward. I created a custom poller, but as it was my first time, I botched it good and proper. Now I'm polling a Cradlepoint router with a single OID, and I'd like to move back to the default poller, but I can't figure out which one that is.

To clarify, I'm staring at the Admin > Thresholds & Polling > Manage Pollers page, trying to figure out which one to Assign to this node.

Thanks for any help

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Level 11

Did you remove the custom OID poller and switch monitoring back to SNMP or ICMP for that device? You could also just remove the device from managed nodes delete the OID poller then rediscover the node with SNMP or ICMP polling.

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I tried a few things, one of which worked.

1. Deleted the new poller. No effect.
2. Rediscovered, clicked "Pollers" under Node Details, added new ones (that are actually correct this time). Meh.
3. Grew a brain and looked at the number of nodes that each poller in the Admin > Thresholds & Polling > Manage Pollers screen was applied to, then tried to apply the ones almost universally applied to this node. That worked. The magic answer, for future googlers, is "Node Details."

After that it was me mashing Rediscover and Poll Now a few times and making tea while NPM figured it out.

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