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Date/time format for different regions (Orion)

Hi all,

We run the full Solarwinds Orion suite for our global business. One thing that is very annoying is the date format constantly being American.

Our database is hosted in the American datacentre, and we have poller servers in each region to grab SNMP info etc.

Is there any way to customise a user's view to change the date/time stamps to their region format? For example, the UK uses the proper date format of DD/MM/YY, but I can only see everything backwards (MM/DD/YY). Quite why you'd want the month first, I will never know, but a whole nation seems to have learnt it that way

I'm thinking this should be a user-specific setting, but I cant find anywhere to change it. Any ideas how we can fix this?



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The date seems to be server specific. So whatever your Solarwinds server has set up as the date format, is what is used. If you change it on your server, it will change it for your views.

This thread has some more info.

Pretty much what I thouhgt.

We have about 8 servers in our SW infrastructure (database, web, and multiple regional pollers).

I guess it's using the DB server time zone, which is American. Annoying!

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No one have any advice here?

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