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Level 7

Date and Time Fields won't Display from Universal Poller

When using the Universal Poller to collect date and time fields from a Windows system (i.e. hrSystemDate OID what appears is what I assume it to be the translation of binary characters (boxes and odd characters).  I looked in the translation functions and didn't see any date convertions.  Just to make things stranger, when I do a snmpget for the same OID from a UNIX client I get the date and time returned as a string.

Does anyone know a way to retreive and display Date and Time fields from a Windows system with the Universal Poller?

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Level 12

Ran into this problem yesterday with SAM. Appears to still exist as of 02/16!


And there is nothing in conversion formulas that help either: SolarWinds Online Help

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Level 7

seems to be UNDP still does not have support for DataAndTime format. anyone know if there is any workaround to collect timestamp from windows machines using SAM or NPM.

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Brandon any update from SWI on this?  I am seeing the same thing on net-snmp hosts and need to be able to alert on this value.


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Level 8

Was there ever a response to your question?  I have run into the same issue.

It looks like Orion UDP does not know how to handle SNMPV2-TC DateAndTime formated fields.

    DISPLAY-HINT "2d-1d-1d,1d:1d:1d.1d,1a1d:1d"
    STATUS       current
            "A date-time specification.

            field  octets  contents                  range
            -----  ------  --------                  -----
              1      1-2   year*                     0..65536
              2       3    month                     1..12
              3       4    day                       1..31
              4       5    hour                      0..23
              5       6    minutes                   0..59
              6       7    seconds                   0..60
                           (use 60 for leap-second)
              7       8    deci-seconds              0..9
              8       9    direction from UTC        '+' / '-'
              9      10    hours from UTC*           0..13
             10      11    minutes from UTC          0..59

            * Notes:
            - the value of year is in network-byte order
            - daylight saving time in New Zealand is +13

            For example, Tuesday May 26, 1992 at 1:30:15 PM EDT would be
            displayed as:


            Note that if only local time is known, then timezone
            information (fields 8-10) is not present."
    SYNTAX       OCTET STRING (SIZE (8 | 11))

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Can you post a screenshot of what is getting returned?

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Sorry it took me so long to get back with the screenshot.  Here it is.

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I'm having the exact same problem, and the problem also occurs when using the SNMP monitor in APM:


I'm Trying to use this as a NTP offset monitor. Is there any way we can get APM or UnDP to properly grab this OID, or does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get NTP offset via APM or NPM???

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