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Level 7

Database structure table

does Solarwinds have a structure table that DBA's use to shows the relationships between different tables within the DB?  supposedly SQL server can do this for you but if you had a nice pretty version of it can we get a link 🙂


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Level 19

 Unfortunately, no.  We don't have that available, and with the way our DB set up you won't get anything interesting from the SQL feature you're referring to.  It won't show any relationships.

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Level 9

Yup.. Why Orion DB is not Relational ? I have that question too since loooong ago! 

All tables are .. single ones.. not linked to others with Keys =(

So, for example, if you remove a NodeID in Nodes Table..  the rest of the tables will continue to use that unavailable value.. no updates.. not able to use Join's in sprocs or real "DBA" stuff...

Are you planning to do it ?   Im not quite sure why it is like that today...

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Level 19

We focus on adding customer features rather than particular technical implementations.  If changing the database is needed to deliver a highly-demanded customer feature, we'll do it.

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