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Level 8

Database maintenance is overdue after updating to latest version

I did update to latest 2020.2 version and seems after this i started to get  database maintenance is overdue.

Table Name Oldest Entry

Table NameOldest EntryOverdueArea
InterfaceErrors_CS_Detail7/14/2020 7:26:13 AM6 DaysInterfaces
InterfaceTraffic_CS_Detail7/14/2020 7:26:13 AM6 DaysInterfaces

I looked in the swdebugMaintenance log but there no errors (only success).

Look int the forum but most of the post are old and talking about older versions and the solution is to do update to later version.


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Level 13

I'm having the same issue.  Maintenance takes ab out 5 hours too.

Logs say they complete.

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Level 16

Check the msmq folder once if it's not full... And try running the dB maintenance manually once and restart solarwinds services.
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I check the size of the folder and there no problem .

Already tried restarting services and run manual maintenance .

There is no error in log and the maintenance job run successfully but i the overdue alert doesn't disappears.


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