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Database Data model

Hi Community,

I was wondering if there is such a thing as a database data model diagram which show you how all the solorwinds datbase tables hang together??? I want this to help me write some scripts pulling information from the database.

Thanks in advance


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An example of a  database model I use from BMC for control-M:

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I am not aware of any such data model. Honestly database is our implementation detail (which can be changed from version to version) and therefore I wouldn't expect any detail information. For 3rd parties we provide Orion SDK (but even in it you won't find any schema description).

Anyway you can always ask question to thwack forum and we'll try to help you. Just don't forget to mention version of your product (because of possible diferences between products).

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Hi Alan--

Tomas is correct, we do not provide such a model.  If you wish to check out the Orion SDK forum as Tomas suggested, here it is.


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