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Level 8

Data Collection Suspended

In NPM v9 more administrative tasks can be performed via the web console. I as a administrator will not have to RDP to the server as often. How is communication failure between the poller and the db being addressed in v9? Is there a msg that will pop up on the web console?

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Level 19

I'm sorry.  I'm not sure what you're asking.

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Yesterday I remoted into my Orion server and was greeted with a dialogue window stating "DATA COLLECTION IS SUSPENDED" in big red letters. The msg went on to explain that NPM could not communicate with the Netperfmon db. I saw this msg because node administration can only be performed from the Service Manager on the server. When I upgrade to 9.1 I will not have to remote desktop to the server. I will be working from the web console. How will I see or be notified that there is a communication problem between the two servers in the latest version of Orion?

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No, there is no event, and it would be difficult to do.  If the standard poller loses its connection to
the database, it won’t be able to put an event in the database for you to see
it in the web
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