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Level 12

Data Center Design Tools?

Hi Folks,

Does anyone here use a Data Center design tool that links into NPM/NCM etc, I've seen lots of tools like ManageEngine Rack Builder, Trelis etc but nothing (so far) that links into the Solarwinds DB?

I'm needing a tool for the following -

  • Rack building
  • Power capacity planning
  • Network connectivity planning
  • Cooling planning
  • Weight / Size etc
  • Patch Cable tracking (not smart panels so the connections would need to be manually mapped to the SW Switch Port Discovery)
  • EOL on hardware

All of which NPM/SAM/NCM can do individually but not from a rack builder perspective?

Anyone any suggestions on this?



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Level 12

Decided to settle on NetzoomDC who think that as both products have a good API integration should be possible with a bit of work!

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Level 10

Not a tool as such.  I've customized data centre images that drill down to cab content which is a simple group associaton So Row 1 Cab 1 When clicked on an aerial view then presents the cab content image for that group, manual image creation though

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I've used rackmonkey and openDCIM depending on my client's needs.  If you don't mind doing the integration yourself then they are valid options.  It's pretty straightforward depending on how 'tight' you want things to be integrated.

Matt Hawks

Loop1 Systems

Nice one thanks, i'll take a look at those.  It would have been nice to fully integrate into the NPM Discovery but looks like its going to be a more manual process (for now)

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