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Level 9

DR Data Center Polling Setup

Does anyone current utilize Solarwinds with a backup/DR data center as a backup monitoring solution if there was an issue at the main data center?  I am trying to engineer a solution, but am not sure what options I have...  I would prefer to not have to maintain 2 seperate databases (i.e. add new nodes to BOTH). 

Would replicating the database over also carry over new nodes, customizations, etc?

Does SW offer a solution for this situation?



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Level 13


We aren't currenly doing this, but you should be able to do it.  It shouldn't really be much different than if you were to upgrade to a new Orion server and move your database to a new database server.  If you replicate your database to your DR site, all you should have to do is rebuild your Orion server(s), tell the configuration wizard to use an exisiting database and point to the replicated database.  Obviously, if you have any snmp ACLs you'll need to update them with the IP address of the server or servers at the DR site.

SolarWinds does have a hot standby server that can take over polling duties should any of your Orion servers go down, but it points to your production Orion database.  I don't think the hot standby offering is designed to be placed at a DR site pointing to a replicated database. 

Hope this helps.

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