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Level 8

Custom Views

How do I get a newly created customized view to show up on the web? I have created a custom view that I want displayed when a particular object on the opening screen is clicked.

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Level 17

To view from your web console you will need to add the resources to the views in your web console.

1. Click Admin in the top menu bar.

2. Click Customize Views in the left pane menu.

3. Click Add.
4. Enter the Name of New View, and then select the Type of View.
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I can create the view fine. I just can't get it to appear where and when I want it. My problem is:

1)  I have the opening Network Summary Home page.

2)  An object on that map opens to another map.

3)  This second map has an object that I want to open using the custom view I have made.

4)  This connection is what I am having trouble with. How can I make this last view to open to my custom view?

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I am currently having this problem as well... I made the view and I have the link but I cannot get it to show up on my main web console.

 Any Ideas?


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Could be several things possibly. When you click on the plus sign on any of those additional views does anything show? On the specific view, are you are adding a resource that does not match to the view type you are adding it to? If you are trying to add the All Nodes resource to a Node Details view this can't be done as the resource is only designed to be on Summary pages. Can you provide an example of what you are trying to accomplish. Are there any Custom Grouping and Filtering?


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You may be looking to set this as the default view for this type of object. You can set this in the Admin menu under "Views by Device Type", and then you need to make sure to enable the "Select View by Device Type" option in the "Example Node Details View" setting ofr each user account.

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