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Custom View Options

I have 2 Application / Component monitors.   One is a SQL monitor that pulls back a numeric value,  the other is a linux shell script monitor that pulls back 2 numeric values. 

I want to display these values on a view we have created

I am trying to display it so that it shows a title and just the numeric Value something like

Outstanding Reports


where the 97 would be bolded and rather large.   I cant find any resource that just displays data.   All of them seem to need to be charted.

Is there any such resource?

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Level 12

Do you have the suite or just SAM ?

Try a custom table and select advanced selector


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Level 10

Try using a custom HTML on your view that should give you what you need.  Open the application component that you want to have in your view, Hit F12 on your key board to get the HTML code, copy and past it into the custom HTML section.  When you hit submit it will display the component for you.  Repeat until you have all the sections you want on your page.  Below is an example of a component I pulled.  I haven't tried but since it's HTML you should be able to change the 97 to be bolder as well.


Lots of ways to do it.  Easiest is probably to use the Custom Table resource on your view and set that up to display what you want. 

So I like the table view, but I would like to make the value larger text and more bolded.  I dont see a way to modify that.  The Custom HTML sounded promising but I can find the code i need to use ......

This is the resource but I dont see what I could copy over to affect formatting

<div class="ResourceWrapper " style="width: 452px; "  ResourceID="3986">

    <div class="ResourceDragAndDropPh"><img id="ctl00_ctl00_ctl00_BodyContent_ContentPlaceHolder1_MainContentPlaceHolder_ResourceHostControl1_resContainer_rptContainers_ctl00_rptColumn3_ctl04_ctl01_ResourceWrapper1_imgResourceDragAndDropIcon" class="ResourceDragAndDropIcon" src="/Orion/images/DragAndDrop_Target_70x8.png" /></div>

    <div id="ctl00_ctl00_ctl00_BodyContent_ContentPlaceHolder1_MainContentPlaceHolder_ResourceHostControl1_resContainer_rptContainers_ctl00_rptColumn3_ctl04_ctl01_ResourceWrapper1_headerBar" class="HeaderBar">


        <a id="ctl00_ctl00_ctl00_BodyContent_ContentPlaceHolder1_MainContentPlaceHolder_ResourceHostControl1_resContainer_rptContainers_ctl00_rptColumn3_ctl04_ctl01_ResourceWrapper1_lbtnEdit" class="EditResourceButton sw-btn-resource sw-btn" href="" automation="Edit"><span class="sw-btn-c"><span class="sw-btn-t">Edit</span></span></a>


         <!-- used in FB84311 -->

        <div id="customMenu" class="EditResourceButton">



        <div id='ResourceID-3986'> </div>



            <a href='' target="_blank">






    <div id="ctl00_ctl00_ctl00_BodyContent_ContentPlaceHolder1_MainContentPlaceHolder_ResourceHostControl1_resContainer_rptContainers_ctl00_rptColumn3_ctl04_ctl01_ResourceWrapper1_resContent" class="ResourceContent">




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You can input your own CSS to override the child styles.

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Agree with professionalusername​, Custom Table is the way to go here

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