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Custom Table web ressource icon issue

I'm trying to setup a Web resource that states all UnDP polls on a given node, and I'm trying to avoid to go the SQL/SWQL path as much as possible.

I created a Custom Table Web ressource providing all data (MIB, Description, OID, GroupName, Raw & Cooked value, defined poll interval, enabled?, and date time of last poll).

The column "Enabled?" returns a True/False value. I would like to have something visual (either an icon, text or line background color) stating if this UnDP is in effect.

The "Add display settings" for this column does not have a lot of choice compared to others:




I cant find a way to hack at least a green/red icon for that column and documentation about those settings seems to be non-existent.

Anybody knows a way before I have to reverse engineer this to a custom query?

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