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Custom Report Help (CPU/MEM min/max/avg) Business Hrs w/Daily Summary


   I have a Application Admin that needs a report showing CPU & Memory min/max/avg for a list of servers.

The data time frame is business hours (0800 - 1700) Monday - Friday for the last 30 days

They just want daily averages for each server

Exported to Excel


CPU (min)CPU (max)CPU (avg)MEM (min)MEM (max)MEM (avg)

I cannot seem to achieve this in Report Writer or web-based reports.

Would appreciate any help.

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Hi mnostrom what you need to do is create a Custom Table and use the Dynamic Query Builder to set out your working hours. Then you can build the report as normal. Here is a KB Link.

Here is my example:


Sorry, excuse my data values this is from my test lab. but hopefully, it shows you enough to replicate it. I have used Vendor to narrow down the devices in the report, you could of course use any other additional filters such as Custom Property, Site, etc.

- David Smith
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dgsmith80​, the image came in super tiny, at least in my browser

mnostrom​, this is how I would do what you have specified


Obviously filter on custom properties or whatever you have to get your list of servers. 


Pick your columns out from the selections, I went with Caption, then jump down to the CPU / Memory History section to get all those historical metrics and the timestamp.  Since they don't offer the min/max percent memory used I just added in the average value 3 times, and will change my aggregation type on the next screen.


Click into one of the 3 instances of avg mem and look for the aggregation, switch it however you need and make sure to rename the column. Repeat for the Max percent mem, arrange the columns how you want them to show up so now I have this


Jump down to the Time settings and set them like so to break it out per day


Set the sorting however you like,


and make sure the group by is set to Caption.  Now you have something like this:


-Marc Netterfield

    Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Thanks mesverrum I did pretty much the same thing, but without the detailed explanation so great job Not sure what happened with my screenshot, maybe because I was on my MacBook at the time?

- David Smith
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