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'Custom Properties Selecting Nodes

My installed version Orion Platform, NCM, NPM, NTA HF1, UDT: 2020.2.1


I'm trying to create a custom property that only applies to APC UPS models.  I create a custom property, use Nodes as object type. Give it a random name and for the sake of testing I keep all the checkmarks on under Usage. 

The next tab I select nodes.  I only select APC and leave my cisco gear unchecked.  I then select all nodes and submit. 

Capture.PNG  Capture1.PNG


In the end the Test field comes up for all my nodes regardless of Vendor.  Is this how it is supposed to be used?Capture.PNG



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If all of your UPS's begin with the work APC- it might be easier to go directly to the Custom Property Editor and search for APC- then cut/paste in the data you want to put in. Otherwise you could always export your nodes out to Excel, sort in Excel, update the fields and then re-import them.
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The field is going to show up in the table for all your nodes because the Custom Properties is for all nodes.  Now, you can assign the value only to the nodes you want in several ways.  One way is to make an alert that will assign the value to nodes that equal a certain vendor. 

Interesting. I searched around and found this -

  1. In the SAM Web Console, navigate to Settings > Manage Custom Properties.
  2. Create a Node custom property. For example, Email.
  3. Assign nodes values for this Email property.
  4. Once this is set, use the following value in the Alert Actions for the E-Mail action you have configured:
  5. Replace email with the name of the custom property that you would like this to utilize.


The alert populates the email address with the custom property you have defined.

Is this what you mean ?


Also there is no way to hide custom properties under Edit Nodes correct?  I  know I can when I go to node details.

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Sadly no. There’s no way to hide them. The link you found while it uses custom properties is a separate topic. Still good practice for solarwinds though just separate.
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