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Level 9

Custom Properties Not Showing/Listed Within Nodes

Hey, i am trying to add custom properties to nodes within my Solarwinds instance and some have already been added in the past and showing on the node.  However the new custom properties I have added and applied to the nodes are not showing and I am not sure what the problem might be.  i looked up some articles pertaining to this problem and below is the only one I have found.  I did go through the process explained and it did not resolve the issue.  Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?  I am using Orion 2017.1.3 currently.  Thanks.

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Level 10

When viewing the Node itself, take a look at the top of the Custom Properties widget. If you press "Edit" there, you get a list off all custom properties (for nodes) you have. Each item in the list that has the box checked in front of it is shown in the widget. Most likely your newly added custom properties simply aren't checked yet.

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Awesome that it worked for a single node, but how do I make that change for 1400 nodes?

I am only putting this custom property on our Routers

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Thanks, I have been in the edit option before for some of the other widgets that had no valuable data and guess i missed this one and didn't know there were options to see the custom property selection.  Thanks for the help.

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