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Custom Poller Thresholds when UnDP does not return a value

Hello All,

In NPM 10.7 I can create UnDPs and set custom thresholds that affect the UnDP icon status in Network Atlas. For the most part it is working fine.

The problem I'm having is when a UnDP is configured to poll an OID that may or may not return a value. For example: I have a UnDP that performs a GET TABLE for the upsAlarmDescr table (UPS-MIB If there is an active alarm the returned value is an OID that references the particular alarm. I can set the threshold to be Critical if "Value contains" (upsAlarmGeneralFault). I've tested this with the upsAlarmOnBattery OID as the Critical threshold returned value. The problem is that if there aren't any active alarms the UnDP reports "A Value Was Not Returned." This makes the UnDP reflect an Unknown status.

I have a few other UnDPs that are also affected by this. Some of them are OK if no value is returned (the example above) and some of them are warning/critical if no value is returned (UnDP that polls for presence of Power Supplies).

It seems that every condition in Custom Poller Thresholds takes the form of: "Value" is/isn't _____. It seems there must be some form of a value returned, even a Null value, in order to set a threshold. I'm wondering if anybody knows how to manipulate the Custom Poller Thresholds such that "Value Not Returned" can be used to set a Warning/Critical status instead of the default Unknown status.

Thank you!


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Level 16

You could add a check for the Custom Poller Status is not equal to Up:


Trigger an alert when all of the following are true:

          Node Status is equal to Up

          PollerName is equal to jnxRedAlarmCount

          Trigger an alert when any of the following are true:

               Numeric Value is greater than zero

               CustomerPoller Status is not equal to up


Thanks but I'm not concerned with the alerting aspect. I'm trying to get the UnDP icon in Network Atlas to graphically display its status according to its polled data and configured thresholds.

I'd like to be able to configure a threshold like this:

If Value = x then Warning


If Value not returned then Warning


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