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Level 8

Custom Menu Items within SolarWinds

I have multiple custom menu items on my menu bar.  These menu items point to specific pages within SolarWinds (Netflow for a specific interface, Utilization for a specific interface, etc.)

The URL that I am using is as such: http://servername/Orion/TrafficAnalysis/NetflowInterfaceDetails.aspx?NetObject=NI:319;T:Last%20Hour;...

The problem is each time I select one of these menu links, I am basically logged out of Solarwinds and am prompted to log on. 

Since I am already logged on before selecting the menu item, is there a way to make Solarwinds not log me out?

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Level 15

Hi bartman, there are three options for this problem.

First, you could change the session timeout on the account (go to Settings -> Manage Accounts -> Select the account and click Edit -> Change 'Disable Session Timeout' to Yes). 

Second, you could pass the login credentials directly in the URL. Here is an example of how this works:



Third, you could use windows account authentication. This way, as long as you are logged in with an account that has access, the Orion login will be bypassed and you will be sent directly to that URL.


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