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Custom Dashboard - Not top 10

I am new to Solarwinds but would appreciate any assistance that the community can provide. The environment is multiple sites, and we want to have two views enabled, one on each monitor for when we walk into the office.

First view on the left monitor on the wall 

We do not want the top 10 usage, we would like to take a group of the asa/routers showing on the left with their average response time and memory usage. On the right side of that screen, a group of the core switches with avg response time and memory usage.

Is this possible to do with groups?

The second monitor will just be the servers listed by groups already expanded and showing their response time --> cpu usage --> memory usage --> specific volume usage.

Thank you to anyone who can help with this.

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Level 16

You can use perfstack for this as well as Orion Maps using groups.

Performance Analysis - PerfStack | SolarWinds



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Level 14

The sky is the limit on what you can do, here's examples to review to spark your imagination:

Show us a NOC view and (don't ) get 500 thwack points (we still want to see, points no longer awarde...


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