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Create an Alert Trigger if Two interfaces go down

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I want to create an alert that if two interfaces go down on certain devices, I would be able to send an email alert.  But it should only happen IF 2 interfaces go down, not one. 

So the Scope of the alert is:

Any node with the name containing ABC

And the trigger is

Interface name = wan 1


Interface name = wan2

and Interface is down

Would this work? Or would this end up triggering if it was on WAN1 on Node1 was down and Wan2 on Node 2 is down?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Under the scope of the alert section, set it in both sections to just look at a particular node something like the following:



However, if you have multiple devices that you want to use this (or a similar) alert for, I see two options:

1) Create a separate alert for each device.  This would be pretty straightforward: create one and then copy the alert and edit the copy to reflect a different node name.

2) Create the alert as a custom SQL or custom SWQL alert which would allow you to compare the node names for the interfaces to make sure they are the same.

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