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Level 8

Copy custom view to another server


Is there a way to copy an existing custom view from one server to another? Or is it a case of manually creating the view again on the other server?



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Level 13

Could you share more details,on what circumstance are you likely to copy a custom view from one server to another? This should be helpful to investigate further on your primary question.

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We had only 1 central server before and now have an additional two so we are polling within region. Currently one of the views is on our Europe server but related to sites in Asia. I would like to move this view to our newly deployed server in Singapore. Thanks

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Hi Amy / Nandish,

Did you ever get an answer on this? (As I am currently trying to do the same!)

Thanks in advance,


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I've always had to recreate the view on the second NPM as I couldn't find a way of moving them between servers.

It would be could if this could be added as a feature request.

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