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Level 12

Copy A View Tab?

Does anyone know of a way to copy/duplicate a tab in a view, complete with the added resources? I may be missing something obvious, but haven't found a way to do this and it would save me TONS of time.

I'm building a view with multiple left navigation tabs, but find it extremely tedious to keep having to add all the resources, set column sizes, etc. every time I add a new one. I have over 60+ tabs to add and they all utilize the same exact resources, so it would be nice to just duplicate/copy an existing tab and then modify it.

I've figured out how to add a tab to the view via SQL, but it obviously doesn't include any of the resources I'd like to use. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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In the api there is a verb to clone a view, that creates a new view with all the same numbers of columns and widths and in the same viewgroup, which makes it a new tab, but it has no resources.   Then there's also a verb for copy resources into a view.  The nice thing if you aren't a powershell user you can call those verbs directly from the SWQL studio tool if you install that.  I OFTEN just go in there and do the kinds of things you are describing in swql studio if it's a one-off that I don't want to script but want it to be faster than using the gui.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Level 7

Ok, so let me put it this way, Is there a way to create a new group/view (not sure the difference) and then replicate the alerts, etc... and then add the servers?

I am about as skilled at this as a golden retriever... Where should I start? I took this on as a challenge and now am wondering why I didn't learn not to volunteer after I joined the navy... O_o

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Level 12

Good idea superfly, I didn't think about moving the resources to another tab. That'll have to do for now, and should help speed up things somewhat. Thanks!

I haven't seen a way of doing it either. I usually just duplicate all the resources in the original tab, then I move all those duplicates to the new tab.

This would be a good feature idea.

Here's a similar idea

Level 12

That will let you copy a view. I don't see a way to copy a tab on a view from there...

Level 15

I think Inside the view manager have a option.