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Convert "Down Time" which is in minutes, into hours:mins

How do I convert the output of "Down Time" which is in minutes, into hours:mins:secs?

For example, using the variable ${N=Alerting;M=DownTime} we get the "Down time" in minutes.  one of our nodes was down for 213 minutes..

How can I convert this calculation so that when we get the "Node Reset email" we'll see the "down time" in hours:mins?


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Level 10

${SQL: SELECT CAST( CAST(('${N=Alerting;M=Downtime}') AS int) / 60 AS varchar) + ' hours '  + right('0' + CAST(CAST(('${N=Alerting;M=Downtime}') AS int) % 60 AS varchar(2)),2) + ' minutes'}

for an "blah hours bling minutes" format or

${SQL: SELECT CAST( CAST(('${N=Alerting;M=Downtime}') AS int) / 60 AS varchar) + ' :'  + right('0' + CAST(CAST(('${N=Alerting;M=Downtime}') AS int) % 60 AS varchar(2)),2)}

for a "blah:bling" format.

I like the first format more because the second one looks too much like a time to me, but I don't like the 0 hours thing... haven't written a case to take care of that, yet. Worked like a charm!!  I'm not going back and changing all my 'reset' alerts to include this.  So much better!!

Thanks again,

John L.

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This is exactly what I was looking for !!!

Great work, much appreciated

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How do we get this to work in Alerts ?

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No worries i figured it out it was giving Macro SQL error since i copied the code wrongly, its working like a charm.... just we need to copy the above queries in alert message body for RESET action.


Simulate action is showing the new variable with hours and minutes.


I hope this was proper answer for the question, excellent work

Level 12

I've not tried it myself but wonder if you can use mathematical operators within it or previous so it would be a / 60 , if its a custom poller then you can perform a transform on it. An SQL custom query could also be performed on the table and field in question.

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I know this has been asked before, as many people prefer the output in "days hours:minutes:seconds" format, but I cannot seem to find the answer in my notes.

I know the alert/active alert page shows exactly what you are asking, so I am sure it is already in there somewhere.
I will keep looking, as this should already be in my notes, and needs to be.

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Did we get how to convert this Down Time from minutes to days:hours:min ? Truly it has to be built in capability.

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no luck yet!

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Have you tried finding the oid it uses and then doing a transform in 'Orion universal device poller' and then using that in the alert?

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