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Configure Network Atlas Maps To Show if Node is Contained Within?

So... No idea how to work that title, but yea...

Anywho, I would love LOVE to find a way to create the "Custom Network Map" resource, then either check a box to or create a SQL lookup to ONLY show the maps/links to maps IF the node from the page I'm currently on is contained within a map.

For networking gear I could see 1-100 maps populating in that list sure, and for servers I could see 1-5 showing.  I can't find a way to make this a dynamic query so I don't have to set manual page views for all machines, and then configure the Network Atlas custom list resource each time I add a new map.

TL;DR: Nodes X, Y, Z are in network map 1.   Nodes A, Z are in network map 2.  ALL nodes have Network map resource on page (that hopefully only shows if it has a map).  Orion looks and sees X, Y, Z are in map 1 and adds ONLY map 1 to list.  A also gets map 2 because it resides there as well.

Is this a possibility I'm over looking?  Do I need to find someone's app request for this or make one?

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