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Configuration Wizard - run time, upgrades

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How long does one usually expect the Configuration Wizard to run after upgrading/installing modules?

I am updating our suite (NPM, NTA and NCM) to newest releases from the start of each software train. I just upgraded NPM from 12.0.0 to 12.0.1. The server-side installation took ~15 minutes. Seems reasonable to me. The configuration wizard took almost 45 minutes to run. And that was only the first module. NTA relaunched the config wizard and is running now, and I will have to run it again after updating NCM...

Am I obtuse and have missed somewhere in documentation that mentions stream-lining this process? If you are running multiple modules, having the configuration wizard run after each install seems kind of silly, as opposed to a roll-up configuration wizard run for all installs. Can you do that? I've looked around and haven't seen it mentioned.



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Would this apply to multiple pollers? ex. upgrade main poller, web server, then APEs, then run the config wizard on the last poller only?

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No, but the Orion installer depending on what version you are on will update all your applications at once and then will run the config wizard but you must start at the primary poller.

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Issue is I have about 15 servers in my environment... So upgrades, take a min of 12-13 hours.

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I have a tendency to be very cautious during upgrades so I have not attempted any "outside of the box" ideas on this

it's not illogical to run the config wizard after you finish vs after each upgrade - because the hardware and config should theoretically be the same. Maybe the product upgrade advisor could one day acknowledge or say something like "upgrading 3 modules? run CONFIG WIZARD at the end!"

I do say this having seen this just now and wishing I saw this years ago.

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While I agree that it is not illogical, it would seem like a common enough use case that it could be mentioned in either the administrative manuals, the upgrade advisor, installation notes, etc. I prefer to follow the vendor's instructions when installing/upgrading.

Agreed, I felt like erring on the side of caution in the past here (and still might unless installers get more unified). I remember old installers that would mysteriously fail if they weren't run as admin, for example.

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On the bright side, I'm glad to now know this, haha. It will definitely trim a lot of time off of future upgrades!

That has also been my mentality. Was just curious if I missed something in documentation. Thanks.


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Sounds about right when you're running everything on 1 Web Server.  The Web Site optimization takes a long time and can vary based on hardware specs...I wouldn't worry unless you see errors, and in that case a run through of the installation a second time usually cleans that up too.

When you have APEs it is different, and previous to 12.0.1 you would run an upgrade on each APE, but in the latest version it actually pulls from the main Web Server for its software.

Hope that helps


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Thanks for the reply. It's good to know that that time frame is not unusual.

I think the installation flow for having multiple modules is poorly thought out.  Like you said, the website optimization takes a long time. Having no means to roll up and do them all at the end, after upgrading multiple modules, just seems like a waste of time. Do you happen to know if things break if you skip the configuration wizard and hold off running it until all modules have been updated? I've not attempted that, assuming that it is required.

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Wish I saw this before running configuration wizard.. 40 minutes of my life I will never get back!

You're awesome, thanks for linking that! I wish I could have found that information in documentation... but I'll keep that in mind going forward.

For anyone who doesn't want to watch the video - they state that if you are installing/upgrading multiple modules, you do not need to run the config wizard after every install. You can defer the config wizard until you are finished with all of the installs.

This really should be highlighted in at least the upgrade advisor or something similar.  This will save me *so much time* tonight with 3 module upgrades.  Thanks for the original question josh.l​!

jvaughan​ this is almost entirely not an issue on new environment. New environment is 1 install for all modules and 1 config wizard at the end.

No problem glad it helped.

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