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Config the Orion Alert Manager for skipped polling cycles


Which is the best way of setting the config in alert manager when you would like to recieve an email as a node goes down for a period of time, for example 20 min.

We have earlier used the "node status = down" as a trigger, but the problem is that we have some nodes which is unstaible so they pendle sometimes between up and down. Those actions is something we wount like to recieve an email about. So thats why I would like to only generate an email when a node has been down for a certain time.

I think the skipped polling cycles could work, but I cant get the config set correct so that this actually works, so please explain which is the best way of doing this.

Thanks in advance!
Andreas Fenner
Niscayah, Sweden

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I believe this field from the Nodes table should help you "LastSystemUpTimePollUtc".

Please refer to this post listed below.

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On a side note in case you hadn't noticed:

That can usually overcome any issues with flapping servers/services.

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Perfect! This looks like a solution, I didnt find that option.

I will try it immeditly.


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