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Complex Conditions Not Matching?


So I am trying to customise the 'Neighbour is down' alert with a view to split it into two alerts, one which executes an external program (for critical nodes) and one which just sends an email.

I have created a custom property for nodes called 'PhoneAlert' which is Yes/No field, i.e. the Critical nodes will be 'Yes' for PhoneAlert.

I then copied the Neighbour is down alert and kept the Primary Selection as the default, which is an OR match but I added a second section which is an AND match to ensure only nodes with their PhoneAlert custom property set to Yes would trigger this alert.

The problem is, it also triggered for two nodes which had their PhoneAlert property set to No.

Am I misunderstanding this?


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The complex condition makes it so both conditions have to be true, but they don't have to be the same object. So in this case you have said if any node at all has the phone alert true and any node has a down neighbor it should trigger.   I find in reality that I VERY rarely use them.

Just remove the whole complex part and add that condition inside the original alert area to get the effect of only triggering on nodes that have down neighbors and are set to phone alert true.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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