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Level 11

Complete Reinstall of Orion

We are trying to figure out whether the Orion Failover Engine makes sense for us.  Basically, how long would it take to get Orion up and running again if the primary server physically dies?

Since most of the data is in the SQL database that is on a separate system, I would just need a new server and re-install NPM, SAM, NTA, IVIM, and FVNQM, right?  Once complete, the additional pollers should pick back up.  So am I looking at 5 hours of software installs or so?  Anyone been through it?

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Level 16

if you have NCM there are also the command templates used to downlaod configurations.

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Level 21

The only thing you need off the server that isn't in the database are your Reports.  If you do file level backups of the server you should be able to restore those from a backup.