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Command output result has to be e-mailed like an alert


We have a requirement from customer something like

In cases, instead of going with an SNMP monitoring or a log converted to an alert which involves little research research and testing, so we would like to see a command output result and the output of that command has to be e-mailed to like an alert.

For instance:

XXXX-XXXX-XXX-01#show switch

Switch/Stack Mac Address : XXxxxXX.XXXX - Local Mac Address

Mac persistency wait time: Indefinite

H/W   Current

Switch# Role    Mac Address     Priority Version  State


*1 Active   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 15     V07     Ready

2 Standby  XxXx.XxXx.XxXx  13     V07     Ready

3 Member   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 11     V07     Ready

4 Member   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 10     V07     Ready

5 Member   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 1      V07     Ready

Is this possible within Solarwinds, please help us how to configure this if so..

Thanks in Advance.


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You want the interface down alert to SSH on to the device and show the interface detail, in the alert text?

This isn't possible out of the box, as NPM  polls network devices via SNMP and doesn't have the capability to SSH to a device. 

Even if you were to create a script, and attach it to the alert as an action, it will be difficult to get the results in the email body.

You could set up a very frequent SNMP poll to retrieve the interface statuses, then present those in a report and link to that report in the alert body?

Or you could link back to the interface applet for that device, by sticking a link to something like this:

     http://<Orion Server>/Orion/DetachResource.aspx?ViewID=55&ResourceID=3437&NetObject=N:${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeID}

(You will need to replace <Orion Server> with your server's hostname or IP.)


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Do you have SolarWinds NCM module licensed?

If so,

Types of alert actions

Execute Config Script

NCM executes the command(s) that you entered in the Command Script to Execute field. For example, if you enter show version, and include it as a Trigger Action on an alert, NCM runs the show command as part of alert processing and includes the results with the alert notification.

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Yes, we do use NCM module.

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So did this work for you?

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